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Missing My Mother Tongue

When I lived in China, it was so rare to hear English in public, that my ears would always perk up when I heard English. I would let my ears soak in the sounds, the syllables, and the rhythm of my mother tongue.

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Puli, Taiwan

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Tree in Puli, Taiwan

In the rolling mountains and valleys, Puli, Taiwan is an often over-looked, quiet city with extraordinarily beautiful scenery, nature and fresh air.

This picture was taken at Cingjing Farm, which is a one-hour bus ride from Puli.

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Packing Guide for Beijing: The essentials China study abroad travelAsia

Practical packing guide for Beijing, China

Yesterday, I discussed what to buy in the US before coming to China for those staying in China long-term. However, many people ask me about what they need to pack for China for more short-term trips of 3 months or less. China is a developing country with stores just like the US, so you can find anything you need here, …

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Female Traveler in Beijing

It’s dark. I’m alone. I’m a foreigner, and I’m a woman. I’m walking down the alleys of Beijing with no other person in sight. I’m heading back to my dorm, with my street food in hand, and my purse bumping against the front of my body to dissuade pickpockets. Then, I hear a muffled cough behind me. I look over …

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