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Beijing Street Food

Beijing street food China chinese cuisine
Beijing street food

Some travelers are afraid of street food, but I think it is not only cheap and delicious, but also a great way to experience cultures like the locals.

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My Mandarin Classroom

Chinese classroom studying abroad learn chinese Beijing Normal University
Typical Chinese classroom at Beijing Normal University

This is where I spend 20 hours each week learning Mandarin In Beijing, China.

The biggest pro of language classes: if you stop listening for a little bit, it is very easy to zone out and go into your own, little world.

The biggest con of language classes: if you zone out just a bit and go into your own, little world, you have NO idea what is going on…

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Problem Child: Language and Culture

Learning a foreign language goes beyond the skills of being able to communicate using different sounds and grammar patterns. When you deeply immerse yourself in the culture and the language, you that the two are more deeply intertwined than you ever thought. We don’t always realize it when we just speak our native language, but language inherently includes a culture’s …

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