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I’m Glad I’m Not a Man

I’m glad I’m not a man. I’m glad I can wear skirts, shorts, pants, a dress, or a suit. I can dress girly or tomboyish. I can look nice without people thinking I’m gay. I can cry without people telling me to “man up.” I can enjoy dancing, sewing, and cooking in addition to hiking, carpentry, and intellectual conversations. I …

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The Biography of Hands

Many artists claim hands are the hardest body parts to draw.  Hands can make more shapes, shadows and forms than any other body part due to the vast amount of muscles and bones.  The folds and the wrinkles, the texture of the nails and the elasticity of the skin make hands fascinatingly difficult to artists and most unnoticed by the …

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Abroad in China: the most important thing I learned

People always ask me questions about China, but they all ask the wrong questions. They ask how the culture is different, what weird foods I’ve eaten, what I miss about the USA. These are all valid questions, but they don’t touch on the ONE MAIN thing I’ve learned while abroad, and the one question NO ONE has asked me: How …

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Packing Guide for Beijing: The essentials China study abroad travelAsia

Practical packing guide for Beijing, China

Yesterday, I discussed what to buy in the US before coming to China for those staying in China long-term. However, many people ask me about what they need to pack for China for more short-term trips of 3 months or less. China is a developing country with stores just like the US, so you can find anything you need here, …

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Problem Child: Language and Culture

Learning a foreign language goes beyond the skills of being able to communicate using different sounds and grammar patterns. When you deeply immerse yourself in the culture and the language, you that the two are more deeply intertwined than you ever thought. We don’t always realize it when we just speak our native language, but language inherently includes a culture’s …

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