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Jilin, China

Jilin, China cold winter northern China sunset river frozen
Jilin, China

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Jilin, China is a relatively small Chinese city (only a couple of million inhabitants) in Jilin province in Northeast China. The most beautiful scenes are along this river at dusk and at night, when the downtown area shines colorful lights through the -20°F / -28°C winter night.

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Packing Guide for Beijing: The essentials China study abroad travelAsia

Practical packing guide for Beijing, China

Yesterday, I discussed what to buy in the US before coming to China for those staying in China long-term. However, many people ask me about what they need to pack for China for more short-term trips of 3 months or less. China is a developing country with stores just like the US, so you can find anything you need here, …

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Chinese Packing GuideAsia

What NOT to buy in China

Many Americans coming to China fret about what to pack for their trip. Rest assured. You know how everything in the US has “Made in China” on the bottom? Well, that means everything is made here, and you can find just about anything you want here, so don’t worry. That being said, there are many things that are CHEAPER, BETTER …

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Female traveler in China study abroad great wall BeijingAsia

Female Traveler in Beijing

It’s dark. I’m alone. I’m a foreigner, and I’m a woman. I’m walking down the alleys of Beijing with no other person in sight. I’m heading back to my dorm, with my street food in hand, and my purse bumping against the front of my body to dissuade pickpockets. Then, I hear a muffled cough behind me. I look over …

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Problem Child: Language and Culture

Learning a foreign language goes beyond the skills of being able to communicate using different sounds and grammar patterns. When you deeply immerse yourself in the culture and the language, you that the two are more deeply intertwined than you ever thought. We don’t always realize it when we just speak our native language, but language inherently includes a culture’s …

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Travel study abroad Beijing China Tiananmen Square Forbidden PalaceAsia

It’s worth it.

I’m sitting here in the dimly lit hospital waiting room surrounded by 3 dozen Chinese people all bundled in their poofy winter coats. No one is smiling, but there is plenty of yelling. As Mandarin bounces across the room, I shiver and inch closer to my Swedish friend for a little more warmth. It’s 30 degrees inside the room because …

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