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I’m Glad I’m Not a Man

I’m glad I’m not a man.

I’m glad I can wear skirts, shorts, pants, a dress, or a suit. I can dress girly or tomboyish. I can look nice without people thinking I’m gay.

I can cry without people telling me to “man up.” I can enjoy dancing, sewing, and cooking in addition to hiking, carpentry, and intellectual conversations. I can talk to children without being considered a pedophile.

My life is sometimes seen as more valuable, so I’ll be the first to be saved (along with children).

I will live longer on average. I’m way less likely to be homeless or commit suicide. There are shelters, organizations, and welfare dedicated to helping me as a woman.

If I get breast cancer, I’ll have better treatment because breast cancer is much more funded than prostate cancer, even though it’s less common and just as deadly.

I can report a rape or domestic violence and not be laughed at. I can live peacefully and not enlist into the military if I don’t want to. I can hug coworkers without being threatened with harassment.

I can choose to have a child or not. If I do have a child, I’ll have a lot more rights to be a part of its life. If I get divorced, I won’t have to pay my children’s father or fight for custody. I can be a stay-at-home parent and not be judged. I can pay only for myself on a date and not be considered rude.

There are a lot of things that are not still unequal and unfair for men. I know women still have some equality issues, but men do, too. I hope everyone realizes that.

Men or women, what discrimination or inequalities have you experienced?

I'm Glad I'm Not a Man



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