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handwriting journaling woman hair river natureOne moment, I’m sitting in a coffee shop in England, planning my future, chatting with my dad, and counting my blessings.  Then, the next, I’m holding back tears for a stranger.

I’m reading the emotional journey of a stranger on the internet.  I’m reading about her mourning of a life that only she had the privilege to know and feel.

I don’t know her.

I don’t even know what she’s feeling (how could I?), but I do know what it means to feel.

Those (sometimes) pesky emotions that get in the way in life’s little moments, like frustrating traffic jams, and monumental moments, like losing a life growing inside you.

The more moments I live and feel, the more I realize these feelings don’t get in the way of life.  They are life. 

The anticipation and happiness we feel when we come home to our tail-wagging fur friends is life.  The grief and mourning of a loved one (even one you didn’t get a chance to meet) is life.

Emotions are what makes life worth living.

All of the highs allow us to survive through the lows.

All of the lows make us appreciate the highs.

At this moment, I’m grateful I can feel, because it means I’m alive.

For a fantastic movie about what life would be like without emotions, watch Equilibrium (2002).

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  1. Emotion: a blessing… and a curse. Inspiration, plus tears. I have a Ph.D. in “Highs and Lows.” Good post!

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