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Bloom Where You’re Planted

Sometimes life changes are exhausting, and you just want to settle down.

Traveling…new places…constant changes…new dreams.


Hopefully, these changes grow on you until they become a part of you. Otherwise, you’re left in a state of restlessness.

Alongside the enviable, evergreen lawns and fragrant flowers, Britain’s landscape hosts many kinds of plants growing on every surface.  Some algae is yellow and sparse.  Lichen is gray and crunchy.  Finally, the ubiquitous green moss looks comfy enough to snooze on.

These plants can be a nuisance if you want to sit on a clean bench, but they can also add color, dimension, and attention to old, forgotten surfaces.


At first, I was surprised by these new organisms and how pervasive they were.  Later, I admired these plants’ tenacity and ability to attach themselves to something, survive, and expand.

I  learned a life lesson from the plants:

Bloom where you’re planted.

My challenge for the rest of 2016 is to thrive in my life each day and every moment.  I will learn to attach, grow, and add color to life like the the moss, lichen, and algae.

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Bloom where you’re planted



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  1. Beautiful metaphor! I love that challenge!

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