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I’m Glad I’m Not a Man

I’m glad I’m not a man. I’m glad I can wear skirts, shorts, pants, a dress, or a suit. I can dress girly or tomboyish. I can look nice without people thinking I’m gay. I can cry without people telling me to “man up.” I can enjoy dancing, sewing, and cooking in addition to hiking, carpentry, and intellectual conversations. I …

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Missing My Mother Tongue

When I lived in China, it was so rare to hear English in public, that my ears would always perk up when I heard English. I would let my ears soak in the sounds, the syllables, and the rhythm of my mother tongue.

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Life Philosophy

Emotional Moments

One moment, I’m sitting in a coffee shop in England, planning my future, chatting with my dad, and counting my blessings.  Then, the next, I’m holding back tears for a stranger. I’m reading the emotional journey of a stranger on the internet.  I’m reading about her mourning of a life that only she had the privilege to know and feel. …

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Bloom where you're planted nature England travelBits of Britain, Life Philosophy

Bloom Where You’re Planted

Sometimes life changes are exhausting, and you just want to settle down. Traveling…new places…constant changes…new dreams. Hopefully, these changes grow on you until they become a part of you. Otherwise, you’re left in a state of restlessness. Alongside the enviable, evergreen lawns and fragrant flowers, Britain’s landscape hosts many kinds of plants growing on every surface.  Some algae is yellow …

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The Biography of Hands

Many artists claim hands are the hardest body parts to draw.  Hands can make more shapes, shadows and forms than any other body part due to the vast amount of muscles and bones.  The folds and the wrinkles, the texture of the nails and the elasticity of the skin make hands fascinatingly difficult to artists and most unnoticed by the …

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Harbin, China

harbin china russian style architecture
Harbin, China

Long ago, Harbin was controlled by Russia and still has a very strong Russian presence in the shops and buildings throughout this far northeastern Chinese city.

Because of its arctic winter temperatures, Harbin is most famous for the annual, International Ice and Snow Sculpture festival, which is one of the largest of it’s kind throughout the world.

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